Stage Play cheat

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As you all now, the stage play, Blue Tema VS Red Team, I have a good cheat for that. If you look on both sides, you can see two hoops, click on the hoops and a basketball will bounce into the basket!


Funny pics or jokes?

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Hey everyone, I have decided that people dont enjoy that jokes page I put up so I am going to change it into funny pictures from cp! Right now im currently working on them, so It mihgt take a day or two for me to post and prepare them, I hope you enjoy them ounce they are posted!

Actually Im now going to post jokes and pictures, happier?

Da Puffles!

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Starting today, your puffles will play! Put out some Puffle furniture and see what they do! Hope this gave you a hint to buy some puffles!


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Hey everyone! Im really sorry that I havent posted from a looong time. Now im going to keep in touch with my website to give you all penguin helpful hints. Come back soon!

Benzbes Cp partay!!!!!

January 5, 2009 at 8:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Hey yall! I have some news for ya! One of my good friends Benzbe, is having a party! Here are some facts about ot. Oh yeah and hes having this party cuz he got 5,000 hits! So congrats to him!Please visit his website, Wow! He just got 6,000!!!

Day- Sunday,January 11,2009

server- Fjord

time- 8:00 cp time ( but 4:00 pm in real world)

Whats going to happen: Were going to have tons of fun!! Well play lots o games and add benzbe, I really want him to become a famous penguin with that! Afterwards, well stop by his igloo to relax. PLease COME!!!

A note

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Everyone please visit this site alot, If it isnt succsesful I may shut this site down, and not have any more of the secrets of Cp. I might even give out codes to those who visit often. I made a new page with ALL KINDS of Cp jokes!!! please visit it!

About Club Penguin

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Club Penguin is one of my fave sites. Its free to sign up on! so go make a penguin. In it you can do alot of things, you can throw snowballs at other penguins,sit down in the direction you want, chat with people all around the world, make different emotes such as sad faces and smileys, play games to earn coins, buy pets and clothes,grab free items, and MUCH more! My penguins name is Sweetpie153. She is a  member, You wanna see me? Go on club penguin at 5:00( not Pst), my home server is Vanilla, and I hangout at the cove. Just say sweetpie and ill come over and talk to you, I might even post a little about how I met you! You can make up to3 penguins for one email Id.   Go ahead, make a penguin!!!

Hello world!

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There are many new things going on! First of all is the Clothing catalog

1.Color page. Click the paint cans to get blue spikester

2. Rock page, click the far left blue circle and you can get pink spikette

3. Fiesta page, click brown pot like thing in the middle and you can get fruit hat

4.On the page with the pink jacket set, click the snowflake on top of the penguin and youll get red hoodie.

You can now buy the BLONDE sidetietoo!

The new pin is in the lodge attic. Mmmmmm Gingerbread Man! One of G’s crazy invention is there to! It is the Ac 3000.

Ice Rink is back!

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